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System of a Down answer questions on Reddit

April 9, 2015 by  
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system of a down
Today Serj Tankian and John Dolmayan of System of a Down answered live questions on Social media site Reddit.  They answered questions about their current tour to bring attention to the 100th Anniversary of Armenian Genocide to questions about their songs and politics.

They also revealed that their April 23rd concert in Armenia would be broadcast live on their Youtube channel.

Here are some of the interesting questions they answered:

QUESTION: I have a question for Serj:
For the debut album you had awesome vocal performances, but there seemed to be a quality jump in vocal performance for Toxicity when it came to really accentuating notes. Was that a result of lessons of some sort or just good old practice?
SERJ: My voice started to improve

QUESTION:  Hi Serj! I’ve been a fan of SOAD for around 4 years now and I’m wondering, what’s the meaning behind the song “Chop Suey” and are you planning on any new albums?
SERJ: Whatever you think the meaning is is as valid as what any one of us think. So you tell us. We will be getting together to look at what inspires us today. If that leads to an album, then great, if not, then that’s fine too.

QUESTION:  What has been the biggest highlight since your reunion in 2010?
SERJ: Re-kindling our existing friendships and having a great time on tour.

QUESTION:  I was just curious why you guys haven’t played in Armenia beforehand, is there a reason or was there just never an opportunity?|
SERJ: Mostly logistical reasons for SOAD not having performed in Armenia before. It’s a huge undertaking. I however have played there with the FCC and at a separate occasion with The Opera Orchestra of Armenia.

QUESTION:  Hello! I live in Turkey and I’m Armenian. Is there any show that I can watch it from internet? When you’re going to give a concert in Turkey and why you’re not doing the #WakeUpTheSouls in here? The genocide is happened in here.
SERJ: We tried to do a show in Istanbul but needed gov’t approval according to the promoter and we waited for a while but never heard back so proceeded without that show. We will be showing the full Armenia Wake Up the Souls show on our youtube channel on April 24 and on.

QUESTION:  I was at the show at The Forum Monday and the setlist and night was absolutely amazing. What are some of your favorite experiences from that performance and how did it feel kicking off Wake Up The Souls.
JOHN: it was nice to survive a two hour set without a respirator. in all seriousness though, that was one of the most enjoyable sets that i had ever done with this band. the cause, the songs, and the people made it really enjoyable.

QUESTION:  As a Turk that listens to your songs , I think they are awesome. And with regards to the genocide a lot of Turks seem to be afraid of reparations costs or use it as a excuse to not say sorry amongst other things. What exactly would bring justice to the tragedy?
SERJ: Thanks for the question. It’s a good one. I think you’ve nailed it on the head with the government of Turkey being afraid of reparations or restitutions so I guess when the cost of disinformation and diplomacy becomes larger than that of estimated reparations, we may see some movement. There is also the issue of how does the gov’t explain away to the people of Turkey that they have been lied to all these years? That is also an impediment in Genocide Recognition.

System of a Down Kicks off concert to raise Armenian Genocide Awareness

April 8, 2015 by  
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system of a down forum la 2015
System of a Down have kicked off their first show in a series of worldwide concerts to raise Armenian Genocide Awareness. The band will have a eight shows total. The first show was in Los Angeles last night and would be their only US show. The rest of the shows will be in Europe ending with a free show in Armenia on April 23rd.  However, the band will resume touring again in June worldwide, include more shows in the US.

The show in Armenia will be held at the Yerevan’s Republic Square one day before April 24th, the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.

Last night’s show at the forum, included a series of 3 mini cartoons about the Armenian Genocide, featuring the voice of Tom Morello (of Rage Against The Machine) as the narrator, who was also in the audience.  The cartoons were created to bring awareness to the Armenian Genocide and other similar genocides in general.

“We don’t have the lobbying power that the Turkish government has. We only have the stories of our surviving family members,” drummer John Dolmayan said. “That is why after 100 years – or 150, or 200 years – the truth is going to come out.”

The show including a whopping 33 songs and took 2.5 hours. Serj Tankian stated that this was the longest show they have ever done!

“I hope you like System of a Down,” the band’s guitarist and vocalist Daron Malakian teased Monday night’s crowd at the L.A. Forum, during a break about a third of the way into a massive set. “Because we’ve got a lot of it for you tonight!”

The band played a flawless set. As an attendee myself and a huge fan of System of Down, I enjoyed it a lot. Although, I wished the vocals would have been a little louder than the music. Thy played all their hits and some of their better album tracks.

For more info on the Armenian Genocide visit 24April1915.com.



Serj Tankian of System of a Down release a new song and album “Harakiri”

July 12, 2012 by  
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Serj Tankian of System of a Down today has released a new song called “Harakiri” and album by the same name. It is his third solo studio album. The track is politically themed and includes images of birds falling from sky and dead fish, apparently due to the destruction of the earth by the people. Video includes quotes from Jean-Paul Sartre and Ralph Waldo Emerson. A recordings from a Ronald Reagan speech and Lyndon Johnson’s infamous “Daisy” campaign ad is also featured.

The Ronald Reagan quote says: “We’re at war with the most dangerous enemy that has ever faced mankind in his long climb from the swamp to the stars. There’s no place to escape to. This is the last stand on earth.”

However, it has been altered from it’s original and is a combination of two different speeches.

You can see the video below: