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Money & Currency

The national currency of Armenia is dram (AMD). 10, 25, 50, 100, 1000, 5000, 20000 Dram notes are used. As of writing this article, the currency exchange rate is 375 AMD per 1 USD. For latest Armenian currency exchange rates, CLICK HERE.

Currency Exchange: The currency exchange is not a problem in Armenia. Foreign currency (USD, Dutch Marks, English Pound Sterling, Swiss Franks, French Franks, Canadian Dollars, Japanese Jen, Holland Guilden, and Russian Rubles) can be exchanged at various banks and offices throughout Yerevan. USD and Russian Rubles can be changed in currency exchange points available throughout the city. There is no limitation on the amount of money exchanged. No exchange commission is charged.

Several markets in the center of Yerevan also offer currency exchange. Often times merchants will also accept USD or Russian Rubles as payment, but may not give you a favorable rate.

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