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ABC posts Nagorno Karabakh as a top place to travel and then removes it!

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Last week ABC News posted an article entitled “7 Great Offbeat Places to Go in 2012” on their website, which featured Nagorno, Karabakh as one of the 7 places to visit. However, within a few days Nagorno, Karabakh was removed. This has caused a great outrage with many Armenians.

The article has now been retitled to “6 Great Offbeat Places to Go in 2012.”

The article stated: “Stay at the recently-built Armenia Hotel in the capital, Stepanakert, and use the city as your base to explore the region. Go hiking through snow-topped mountains and fields of yellow and red flowers. Feast on shish kebob and grilled vegetables. If you’re staying with a local, don’t be surprised if you’re offered homemade mulberry vodka with breakfast. Don’t miss the Gandzasar Monastery, meaning ‘hilltop treasure,’ built in the 10th century. Visit it at night to see it lit up in the darkness,”

The article also mentioned that due to the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan over this zone, if you go there through Armenia, then your passport will not be stamped with a VISA on the actual Passport and instead the stamp will be on an insert, which can be removed, so there is no record of you visiting there. Our guess is that ABC decided to not recommend this place as a place to visit due to this conflict and potential dangers or perhpahs some of the Turkish forces have pressured ABC to remove it.

One visitor, posted the following, which may explain why the article was removed: “I checked UN Security Council Resolutions 822, 853, 874, 884 as comments suggested. According to UN and US state department Mountainous Karabakh is the part of Azerbaijan occupied by Armenia, it is a war zone and there is no insurance company which would cover expenses in case of injury or death.Moreover, it seems that there are no hospitals or any other kind of medical care. But there is a drug/human trafficking in area. Should not ABC check this kind of information before it start to adverte any place as a tourist attraction? It would be nice to see an explanation from ABC how Karabakh appeared on this site as a torist attraction.”

Another visitor urges: “dear all ! to get assured that there is no war in Karabakh please visit the official tourist portal of the republic of Mountainous Karabakh: karabakh.travel

Azeri Foreign Ministry has urged the Azerbaijani Embassy in Washington to investigate the matter, according to Azeri foreign ministry spokesperson Elman Abdullayev.

We urge all to post your comments below the article at the ABC Site.

2012 NYE Events in Los Angeles

December 12, 2011 by  
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Here is a listing of some of the 2011 New Year’s Eve events taking place in the Los Angeles area. All events are fr the night of December 31, 2011.

NYE @ Noor- Featuring Sako!

Admission: $135 in advance; $150 by the door

Purchase your tickets!

Celebrate New Year’s Eve 2012 at Noor in the spectacular. Enjoy family style dinners, open bar, party favors, champagne toast at midnight at party and live performances by Sako!

8PM to 2AM

Special Note Self-parking and valet available.
260 East Colorado Boulevard Pasadena CA-South 91101

New Years Eve Celebration with Harout and Michael

New Years Eve dinner dance (Michael and Harout Pamboukjian) at Homenetmen Glendale Ararat Shahinian Hall

Location: Glendale Ararat Center

3347 N San Fernando Rd Los Angeles CA-South 90065





Entertainment characters for your children throughout the evening!!

Santa Claus @ 12:00

DJ LIVE (818) 415-2832
DELUXURY PHOTO (818) 859-2300

For Tickets Call: 818-381-2887

NYE with Eraniz Band @ Renaissance

Eraniz Band performing with DJ SG at Renaissance Ballroom, in Glendale

For Tickets call: 818-370-9090
Also available at: Chaterian, Pacific Video and Juice Stop

NYE with Andy & Shani at Palladio

Andy and his newly wed wife performing at Palladio in Glendale.

Price: $150.00
Tickets: 818-434-9918

1018 E Colorado St Glendale, CA 91205


New Year’s Eve Celebration at St. James Armenian Church – John Gogian Hall featuring DJ Sevag!
Catering by Raffi’s Catering & Banquet.
Traditional Armenian style dinner, with champagne, wine and more
Adults: $80.00, Childedn (7-14): $40.00

St. James Armenian Church – John Gogian Hall
4950 West Slauson Ave Los Angeles CA-South 90056 USA

For Tickets please contact the Church office (323) 295-4588 / Hrant (310) 670-7110 Margo (310) 542-0270 / Salpi (310) 399-4761 / Silva (323) 463-7988

Gleaming Golden New Years Eve at Hemingway’s Lounge

21 over event in Hollywood. Midnight Champagne Toast For bottle service.
Price: $60.00
Hours: 9:00pm to 2:00am
Purcahse Tickets Here.
6356 Hollywood Blvd Hollywood CA-South 90028 USA

Andy & Shani 2nd Wedding Ceremony for Armenian Guests

December 1, 2011 by  
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Last weekend Andy & Shani did another Wedding Ceremony for their Armenian friends. It took place at Palladio hall in Glendale. This event was mainly for their Armenian friends, whereas the first one on 11-12-11 was for their Persian friends. In attendance, were many Armenian singers. Armenchik and Tiko Asatryan performed live.

Shani had a different wedding dresd on this time, provided by Saro’s Studio/American wedding Center. Saro’s Studio was also responsible for the thank you cards, signing book, and part of the photography. Anush and Liza’s flowers provided the flower arrangements for both weddings. Hair stylist Zare of Z’s Design Beauty Gallery was responsible for the wedding planning and hair and makeup for the bride.

You can see some pictures below, courtesy of our good friend Armen Asadorian Photography and some more from Saro’s Studio.

Also, watch videos and see more photos from initial ceremony here.

New Photos & Videos of Andy & Shani Wedding عکس های عروسی اندی و شینی

November 20, 2011 by  
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New photos and videos of Andy & Shani wedding have surfaced online. Some of the photos here are provided by the official wedding photographer Armen Asadorian and they are exclusive to our site. Please check below for the new videos and photos and also check our other post for more photos and wedding commentary.

New photos from Andy & Shani second ceremony on 11-27-11 have been added here.

عکس های عروسی اندی و شینی

Andy & Shani Wedding on 11-11-11 – See Photos

November 13, 2011 by  
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andy shani wedding
Armenian/Persian super star singer Andy Madadian and singer Shani got married last weekend on 11-11-11. They had been dating for 17 years. In a recent interview with Kodoom.com, Andy explains that “Our decision for matrimony came after a year of sad news such as death of Shani’s grandmother, Shani’s illness, loss of our two dogs, etc. We thought the marriage and wedding process is a joyful event which can infuse positive energy into our lives and our families’, and fans’.”

The wedding celebrations started at 11:11am on 11-11-11 (November 11, 2011). Andy believes in Astrology and that this date is very auspicious. Andy explains that they invited many of their friends, family and Persian celebrities, but unfortunately they had room only for 500 guests, so they had to turn down many. However, the entire wedding video will be available as pay-per-view on GLWiz. The wedding ceremony itself took place the next day at Tagylan Ballroom in Hollywoo. The reception was held earlier, at 6pm, at the close-by St. John Garabed Armenian Church.

In attendance were Persian singers Korous, Sharam Shabpareh, Kamran & Hooman, Sattar, Shahram Solati, and Faramarz Assef, who all also perfromed. Other guests included Mansour, Koji (Music Video Producer), Armenian singer Sako (who also sang) and Joseph.

Korous openned the gala when Andy and Shani enetred around 8:30pm. Andy joined Korous, Mansour, Farshid Amin, Shahram Solati, Pyruz, Ali Danial, Shahab Tiam, and Elcid as they performed Andy & Kouros song “Khodaye Asemoonha.”

The song “Ey Ghashangtar Az Paria” was perfromed by Andy, Kouros, and Shahram Shabpareh. Faramarz Assef performed “Ey Aroose Ziba,” and Sattar sang “Shazdeh Khanoom.” Andy also performed “Che Khoshgel Shodi Emshab” solo and Shani performed “Gole Sangam.”

Sako also performed several songs, including “Heranal chem Garogh,” “Harsanik,” “Ara vay vay” and “Sway.”

Wedding photos were taken by Armen Asadorian and Navid Soheilian. Armen Asadorian is a top rate photographer and did an awesome job on photos you see here credited to him. Wedding planning and Shani’s hair was done by popular Armenian hair dresser Zare.

Below are some more pictures:

See Videos and more photos of Andy & Shani Wedding Here.

Also, see the 2nd Wedding Ceremony Pictures here.

Most Popular Tourist Destinations in Armenia

September 27, 2011 by  
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Armenia is known for many things. Winning the World Chess Olympiad is one. Being the home to Noah’s Ark (a popular story in the Bible) is another. But there is so much more. Several monasteries and cathedrals are under the protection of UNESCO as World Heritage Sites and are popular destination for almost half a million visitors every year from around the world.

Here are the most popular tourist destinations that you can’t miss on a visit to Armenia:

#1: Mount Ararat
Located in the Ararat plain, this area is famous for where Noah’s Ark landed. Mount Ararat is a national symbol of Armenia and if you go there, you must take some pictures of teh mountains in your background. The mountains are visible from most of Armenia, but better picture oppurtunities will be a little outside of the capital Yerevan and closer to the mountains.

#2: Yerevan Republic Square
Located in Yerevan, the nation’s capital, it is where most of the country’s celebrations and festivals are conducted every year.

#3: Victoria Park
Also located in Yerevan, this park is also home to the military museum and the Mother Armenia statue.

#4: Sasuntsi Davit Statue
Armenia’s famous statue of Sasuntsi Davit (David of Sasun) on horseback is located at the Sasuntsi Davit Metro station on Tigran Mets Street in Yerevan.

#5: Yerevan Opera House
The Armenian Opera Theatre in Yerevan is home to many a cultural event celebrated in the form of opera and ballet.

#6: Sardarabad Memorial
A memorial dedicated to the Armenian victory at the battle of Sardarabad in Armavir, Armenia. It is located 40 kilometers west of the city of Yerevan

#7: Tsitsernakaberd Armenian Genocide Memorial & Museum
A memorial dedicated to the victims of the Armenian Genocide; it is located on a hill overlooking Yerevan, Armenia. Every year on April 24, hundreds of thousands of Armenians gather here to remember the victims of the 1915 Armenian Genocide that took place in the Ottoman Empire carried out by the Turkish government.

#8: Lake Sevan
Lake Sevan (Armenian: Sevana lich ) is the largest lake in Armenia and the Caucasus region. It is one of the largest high-altitude lakes in the world. It has many beautiful beaches and points of interest. The most famous cultural monument is the Sevanavank monastery near the town of Sevan at the northwestern shore. Another monastery at the western shore is Hayravank Monastery, and further south, in the village of Noraduz, there is a field of khachkars, a cemetery with approximately 900 khachkars of different styles. Additional khachkars are found at Nerk’in Getashen on the south coast. When the water level fell, many archaeological artifacts were found, 2000 years of age and older (some as old as the early Bronze Age). Most of them are now displayed in Yerevan.

#9: Amberd Fortress & Church
Known as the “Fortress in the Clouds”, it is located in Ashtarak & Byurakan, and is known to date back as far as the 7th century.

#10: Echmiadzin Cathedral
With a beautiful bell tower and rose gardens, this cathedral is considered to be the central church of Armenian Christians and is located in the Armavir Province.

#11: Geghard Monastery
Located in Kotayk Marz, this 4th century monastery is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its splendid architecture.

#12: Yerevan Zoo
An excellent way to entertain your family, this zoo is home to almost 200 animal species, and is located in Yerevan.

# 13: Mount Aragats
Located in the Aragatsotn Province, this mountain is considered to be the highest point in Armenia and definitely worth visiting.

#14: Khor Virap Monastery
The Khor Virap Monastery is a 17th century Church located close to Mt. Ararat. It provides a spectacular and majestic view of Mount Ararat. It is also one of the most visited church and tourist spots of Armenia.

#15: Blue Mosque
Located in Yerevan too, this is one of the oldest religious buildings in Armenia, and is a must-see for every tourist.

Armenian Genocide Facts – April 24, 1915

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Armenian Genocide Main Page | Armenian Genocide Pictures
Armenian Genocide Videos | Armenian Genocide Links & Resources

The Armenian Genocide of 1915 refers to systematic massacre of around 1.5 million Armenians just after World War I in 1915, which was carried out by Turkish Government (Ottoman Empire).

The conflict between Armenians and Turks goes back years. Armenia became under Ottoman rule during the 15th and 16th centuries. The Armenians being Christians were treated very badly and as second class citizen by the Turks who were Muslims. They were overtaxed, subjected to brigandage, kidnapping and forced to convert to Islam. Christians in Ottoman were not treated as equals to Muslims, this included other ethnicities like Greeks. Christian religious practices could be punished by law.

The genocide was organized by army officers’ movement known as The Young Turks, which was assembled around 1908. Unlike Hitler or Stalin’s ideological reasons for doing so, the Young Turks were different. They had political reasons for their mass murder. Propaganda at that time accused the Armenian people of being saboteurs and a pro-Russian “fifth column” because of they were on Germany’s side and losing in World War I.

Not only were Armenians who were in the Ottoman Army killed and their property confiscated, 300 leading Armenian officials and community leaders were arrested on April 24, 1915 to be executed later. This is why Armenians commemorate this great tragedy on April 24th every year. This day is generally known to be the start of the Armenian Genocide and what followed in the coming months and year was the systematic massacre of up to 1.5 million Armenians. The goal of the Ottoman Empire was to eliminate all Armenians.

Initially many Armenian men were requested to join the Army, but the plan was to kill the able men first. Without any regard for gender or age, Armenians were rounded up in the region of Anatolia and deported to the Syrian Desert or neighboring areas, where most of them died of starvation or disease. Similar deportations were done all over. Many Armenian women were rapped by Ottoman soldiers and left for death. Populations of villagers were taken and burned at once. Many women and children were placed on boats and then thrown over board in the Black Sea. Morphine overdoes was used to kill children. Toxic gas was used to kill students in 2 schools. Many were gathered in camps and left for death by starvation and disease.

Much like the Jews, the Armenians will never forget this atrocity committed with malicious intent to systematically destroy every Armenian. While Turkey until this day and age attributes that figure to about 300,000 people, scholars think otherwise. Turkey denies that a genocide ever happened and claims they lost just as many people on their side.There have been numerous attempts to pass a resolution in the US to officially recognize the genocide, however due to the US ties with Turkey, the congress has never approved such a bill. Passing such a bill would mean loosing of a good ally in the region. US has military bases in Turkey.

There are 21 countries that have officially recognized the Armenian Genocide, including France, Argentina and Sweden. 43 US states have also recognized the genocide.

Armenian Genocide Main Page | Armenian Genocide Pictures
Armenian Genocide Videos | Armenian Genocide Links & Resources


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