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Adam Levine and Maroon 5 Crash Armenian Wedding

December 9, 2014 by  
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Last weekend Adam Levine and his band Maroon 5 crashed an Armenian wedding in a wedding hall called “Metropol” in Glendale, CA. Apparently it was all planned previously so they could use the footage in a new video. However, it is not clear if the bride and groom were aware of this. Andy Madadian was the main singer of the same wedding.

Here is a quote from the cousin of the bride: “they crashed in order to film a music video. but we knew something was going to be up that night. just didn’t know what….until it happened.”

Here is a video from the crash and also some pics.

adam levine armenian wedding

adam levine armenian wedding2

adam levine armenian wedding3

adam levine armenian wedding4

adam levine armenian wedding5

Tips on Planning a Large Wedding on a Budget

February 7, 2014 by  
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This article was written by Anoush Catering

Planning a large wedding? Learn how to plan a 500 + wedding without breaking the bank.

Is your guest list out of control? When the bride or groom (or both) come from a Mediterranean background, a large wedding is almost a must. But you don’t have to be of Persian or Armenian descent to throw a huge wedding. Large weddings are coming back in style, as more couples are opting to share their special day with all their friends and family.

While the idea of having a big wedding can be exciting, executing the steps to plan such an extravaganza can be challenging – especially when you’re on a budget. How do you find a banquet hall large enough to accommodate 500 or more guests without costing you an arm and a leg? How do you keep everyone entertained, and, more importantly, fed without spending your life savings? If you’re planning a large wedding, don’t worry. There are many ways you can still invite everyone on your guest list without breaking the bank. Follow these tips on planning a large wedding on a budget.

Unveil Your Budget

If you have a budget, it should be the first thing you talk about when planning your wedding. After all, what good is a budget if the photographer, banquet hall, or LA catering company doesn’t know about it? Unveiling your budget is a great way to talk openly about the price you’re willing to spend on a certain service or product. Many professionals in the wedding industry are willing to cut down their prices in order to accommodate small budgets. A little reduction here and there goes a long way towards staying within your means.

Say Yes to Mediterranean Flair

Mediterranean weddings tend to be larger than American weddings. For this reason, Mediterranean-owned banquet halls, catering companies, and other wedding service companies specialize in large-scale special events. They know how to not only plan a beautiful large wedding, but also how to make it affordable for the masses. For example, booking a Mediterranean banquet hall will be much cheaper than booking a large banquet hall at a luxury hotel. Chances are the Mediterranean hall will have the same level of service as the luxury hotel but for half the cost.

Snag a Banquet Hall and Catering Package

Many catering companies are in cahoots with banquet halls. Some are even owned by the same owner. Look for a banquet hall and catering package deal that includes the hall, food, drinks, and dessert. A package deal will significantly reduce the price. For example, Anoush Catering has partnerships with banquet halls in the area. So if you need Orange County catering services, they can help you not only find a banquet hall in the area, but they might even have a package deal to accommodate your budget.

Anoush Catering offers full-service catering in Los Angeles for weddings and special events. Mediterranean dining options include gourmet Persian, Armenian, and Lebanese menus.